59E-7. Inpatient Data Collection  

59E-7.011. Definitions (Repealed)
59E-7.012. Inpatient Data Reporting Instructions
59E-7.013. Penalties for Hospital Inpatient Discharge Data Reporting Discrepancies (Repealed)
59E-7.014. Inpatient Data Format - Data Elements, Codes and Standards (Repealed)
59E-7.015. Public Records (Repealed)
59E-7.016. General Provisions (Repealed)
59E-7.020. Purpose of Inpatient Data Reporting (Repealed)
59E-7.021. Definitions
59E-7.022. Inpatient Data Reporting and Audit Procedures.
59E-7.023. Schedule for Submission of Inpatient Data and Extensions.
59E-7.025. Certification, Audits and Resubmission Procedures.
59E-7.026. Penalties for Hospital Inpatient Discharge Data Reporting Discrepancies.
59E-7.027. Header Record.
59E-7.028. Inpatient Data Elements, Codes and Standards.
59E-7.029. Patient Date Release
59E-7.030. General Provisions.
59E-7.201. Submission of Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital Patient Data (Repealed)
59E-7.202. Schedule for Submission of Patient Data and Extensions (Repealed)
59E-7.203. Reporting Instructions (Repealed)
59E-7.204. Certification Procedures (Repealed)
59E-7.205. Patient Data Format - Data Elements and Codes (Repealed)
59E-7.206. Patient Data Format - Record Layout (Repealed)
59E-7.207. Data Standards (Repealed)
59E-7.208. Notice of Potential Future Additional Data Requirements (Repealed)