59G-4. Medicaid Policy  

59G-4.001. Medicaid Providers Who Bill on the CMS-1500
59G-4.002. Provider Reimbursement Schedules and Billing Codes
59G-4.003. Medicaid Providers Who Bill on the UB-04
59G-4.010. Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Services (Repealed)
59G-4.013. Allergy Services
59G-4.015. Ambulance Transportation Services
59G-4.020. Ambulatory Surgical Center Services
59G-4.022. Anesthesia Services
59G-4.025. Assistive Care Services
59G-4.026. Gastrointestinal Services
59G-4.027. Behavioral Health Overlay Services
59G-4.028. Behavioral Health Assessment Services
59G-4.029. Behavioral Health Medication Management Services
59G-4.030. Reproductive Services
59G-4.031. Behavioral Health Community Support Services
59G-4.032. Integumentary Services
59G-4.033. Cardiovascular Services
59G-4.035. Medicaid Certified School Match Program
59G-4.040. Chiropractic Services
59G-4.050. Community Behavioral Health Services
59G-4.052. Behavioral Health Therapy Services
59G-4.055. County Health Department Clinic
59G-4.058. Medicaid County Health Department Certified Match Program
59G-4.060. Dental Services
59G-4.070. Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies
59G-4.071. Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supply Services Provider Fee Schedules
59G-4.080. Child Health Check-Up (Repealed)
59G-4.085. Early Intervention Services
59G-4.087. Evaluation and Management Services
59G-4.100. Federally Qualified Health Center
59G-4.105. Dialysis Services
59G-4.106. Freestanding Dialysis Center Fee Schedule
59G-4.108. Genitourinary Services
59G-4.110. Hearing Services
59G-4.120. Statewide Inpatient Psychiatric Program
59G-4.125. Behavior Analysis Services
59G-4.130. Home Health Services
59G-4.132. Home Health Electronic Visit Verification Program
59G-4.140. Hospice Services
59G-4.150. Inpatient Hospital Services
59G-4.160. Outpatient Hospital Services
59G-4.170. Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities Services
59G-4.171. Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded/Developmentally Disabled; Recipient Eligibility Criteria (Repealed)
59G-4.180. Intermediate Care Services
59G-4.190. Laboratory Services
59G-4.192. Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Long-term Care Program
59G-4.193. Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Long-term Care Waiver Program Prioritization and Enrollment
59G-4.195. Licensed Midwife Services (Repealed)
59G-4.197. Medical Foster Care Services
59G-4.199. Mental Health Targeted Case Management
59G-4.200. Nursing Facility Services
59G-4.201. Neurology Services
59G-4.205. Practitioner Services (Repealed)
59G-4.207. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Services
59G-4.210. Visual Care Services
59G-4.211. Orthopedic Services
59G-4.220. Podiatry Services
59G-4.222. Pain Management Services
59G-4.230. Physician Services (Repealed)
59G-4.231. Physician Assistant Services (Repealed)
59G-4.235. Respiratory System Services
59G-4.240. Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Services
59G-4.250. Prescribed Drug Services
59G-4.251. Prescribed Drugs Reimbursement Methodology
59G-4.255. Prescription Drug Coverage Denials
59G-4.260. Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Services
59G-4.264. Regional Perinatal Intensive Care Center Services
59G-4.266. Qualified Evaluator Network
59G-4.270. Registered Nurse First Assistant Services (Repealed)
59G-4.280. Rural Health Clinic
59G-4.290. Skilled Services
59G-4.295. Therapeutic Group Care Services
59G-4.300. State Mental Health Hospital Services
59G-4.310. Targeted Case Management for Children at Risk of Abuse and Neglect
59G-4.318. Occupational Therapy Services
59G-4.320. Physical Therapy Services
59G-4.322. Respiratory Therapy Services
59G-4.324. Speech-Language Pathology Services
59G-4.330. Non-Emergency Transportation Services
59G-4.340. Visual Aid Services
59G-4.360. Transplant Services
59G-4.370. Behavioral Health Intervention Services