5J-17.203. Examinations for Licensure of Foreign-Trained Exiled Professionals  

Effective on Wednesday, October 17, 2012
  • 1(1) The examination for licensure of foreign-trained exiled professionals shall be a written practical examination which tests the current ability of the applicant to practice the profession of professional surveying and mapping. The examination shall not test the academic and preprofessional fundamental knowledge of the applicant.

    47(2) The examination for applicants to be licensed to practice professional surveying and mapping shall be the Practice and Principles examination as prepared by the Department, or an examination equivalent to it. The examination will test the applicant’s ability to apply acceptable practice of professional surveying and mapping to problems in the following areas:

    101(a) Sectionalized Land;

    104(b) Metes and Bounds;

    108(c) Lot and Block;

    112(d) Water Boundary;

    115(e) Condominium;

    117(f) Right-of-Way;

    119(g) Topographic;

    121(h) Construction Layout;

    124(i) Legal Responsibilities and Records Research;

    130(j) Legal Description and Report Preparation, and

    137(k) Record Plat Computations.

    141(3) Translation of Examinations. Whether a translated examination will be provided will be determined by the Department by the availability of a translated examination and the applicant’s ability to bear the cost of translation before a translation is prepared.

    180(4) An applicant may sit for the examination the number of times and under such conditions as provided in Chapter 472, F.S.

    202(5) The passing score for the Professional Surveying and Mapping examination shall be 70% of the total possible points on the examination.

    224Rulemaking Authority 226472.0101 FS. 228Law Implemented 230472.0101 FS. 232History–New 10-17-12.


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