5J-17.204. Graduation Documentation, Verification by Professional Association in Exile  

Effective on Wednesday, October 17, 2012
  • 1(1) Documentation of graduation shall include copies of any document which properly identifies:

    14(a) The applicant by name;

    19(b) Completion of academic requirements;

    24(c) The name and location of the college, university or school from which the document was received;

    41(d) The signature(s) of person(s) responsible for awarding such document, and

    52(e) The date on which the document was awarded.

    61(2) Verification by professional association in exile; signature of officer or executive officer.

    74(a) The professional association in exile shall verify the documentation of graduation presented in support of an application for licensure by attaching a statement to the documentation which statement includes the following text: The document attached hereto is, to the best knowledge of the (name of association in exile) and to the best knowledge of the undersigned officer(s) of said association, a true representation of the facts contained therein, and the person named on said document is known to be the same person seeking licensure for the practice of surveying and mapping by submission of the application for which said document is submitted as partial satisfaction of requirements for licensure.

    184(b) The signature affixed to the verification shall be that of one of the duly elected officers of the association, identified as such below the signature. However, an executive officer may sign the verification if meeting minutes are attached wherein the association or its board of directors authorizes specifically such officer employed by the association to act in its behalf in this matter.

    247(3) Translation. When the documentation of graduation is in any language other than English, a translation shall be attached thereto, such translation prepared and signed by a college or university professor in foreign language or any other person who is a generally accepted authority in translation activity.

    294Rulemaking Authority 296472.0101 FS. 298Law Implemented 300472.0101 FS. 302History–New 10-17-12.


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