5J-17.206. Three Years Lawful Practice for Foreign Trained Exiled Professionals  

Effective on Wednesday, October 17, 2012
  • 1(1) Three years of lawful practice shall consist of experience by reason of practice in the practice of surveying and mapping. Such lawful practice shall include valid licensure in the jurisdiction wherein the practice occurred if such licensure was required. Three years practice shall include continuous and noncontinuous practice, provided the requirements described above were met during such practice.

    60(2) An applicant for licensure pursuant to Section 68472.0101, F.S., 70shall submit proof of three years lawful practice in one of the following forms:

    84(a) Copies of licenses or renewals thereof for the years of practice when the applicant possesses such licenses or renewals or has reasonable access to same for submission.

    112(b) In lieu of copies of licenses, a letter of recommendation from three persons who are licensed Florida professional surveyors and mappers may be submitted. Such letters shall certify the dates the writer has known the applicant, the writer’s association with the applicant, the writer’s personal knowledge that the applicant has lawfully practiced, indicating the length of time and the place or places where he knows the applicant has practiced. The name, address and license number of the writer of such letters shall appear on the letters.

    199Rulemaking Authority 201472.0101 FS. 203Law Implemented 205472.0101 FS. 207History–New 10-17-12.


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