5J-17.208. Pre-examination Continuing Education Program for Foreign Trained Exiled Professionals  

Effective on Wednesday, October 17, 2012
  • 1The term “program” when used in this rule means the pre-examination continuing education course of study provided in Section 20472.0101, F.S.

    22(1) The content of the program shall be designed to prepare the applicant for examination for licensure. The program is to prepare the applicant for passage of a written practical examination which tests his ability to practice professional surveying and mapping.

    63(2) Providers of the program may be businesses in the private sector or entities within private or public vocational schools, community colleges or private or public universities provided the program is approved pursuant to these rules.

    99(3) Before a program is offered to an applicant as satisfying the requirements of this rule, such program shall be approved by the Department.

    123(a) Approval by the Department shall be based upon a finding by the Department that the program satisfies the following requirements:

    1441. Documentation of program content to demonstrate adequate training and coursework to prepare applicants for examination to practice the profession. Such training and coursework shall include a diagnostic evaluation of the applicant’s completion of the program. Adequate training and coursework include attendance by applicant of no less than ninety (90) percent of the class sessions.

    1992. Description of the class hours, other time requirements and other requirements placed on applicants to satisfactorily complete the program.

    2193. Cost of program to applicants.

    2254. Dates program will be offered.

    231(b) The proposed program provider shall submit the request for program approval to the Department with the documentation required hereinabove.

    251(c) A program completed within 2 years prior to submission of an application shall be approved by the Department pursuant to receipt and approval of documentation which complies with the provisions of this rule.

    285(4) The following documents include, but are not limited to, the type of documentation which the Department will accept as demonstrating successful completion of a program:

    311(a) A copy of a certificate of completion, including the program title and date completed, signed by an officer of the approved provider company or institution.

    337(b) A letter or copy of a letter from an officer of the company or a letter or a copy of a letter from an officer of the institution. Said letters shall state that the named applicant successfully completed the named program and give the date of completion.

    385Rulemaking Authority 387472.0101 FS. 389Law Implemented 391472.0101 FS. 393History–New 10-17-12.


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