61A-5. Applications, Forms, And Requirements  

61A-5.001. Obtaining of Forms (Repealed)
61A-5.010. Applications; Transfer Fee
61A-5.011. Completed Application for the Grant of a New Quota Liquor License (Repealed)
61A-5.0011. Application for Vehicle Permits
61A-5.0012. Application for Mortgagee's Interest in Spirituous Alcoholic Beverage License; Request for Alcoholic Beverage Lien Search
61A-5.0013. Application for Temporary Permit or Special Sales License
61A-5.0014. Application for Change to Licensed Entity
61A-5.0015. Application for Importer or Broker Sales Agent Licenses
61A-5.0016. Application for Common Carrier License; Application for Passenger Vessel Permit
61A-5.0017. Application for Extension of Premises or Amended Sketch of Licensed Premises
61A-5.0018. Application for Alcoholic Beverage Exporter Registration
61A-5.056. Application for Retail Tobacco Products Dealer Permit
61A-5.060. Application for Special Culinary Education Program License
61A-5.0105. Selection of Applicants for Quota Alcoholic Beverage Licenses by Public Drawing
61A-5.0106. Application for Inactive Status or Waiver of Active Operation Requirements for Quota Alcoholic Beverage Licenses
61A-5.700. Application for Alcoholic Beverage License (Repealed)
61A-5.708. Request for License Cancellation
61A-5.710. Personal Questionnaire (Repealed)
61A-5.747. Quota License Drawing Entry Form (Repealed)
61A-5.761. List of License Application Requirements (Repealed)