61G4-15.040. Certification of Residential Pool/Spa Servicing Specialty Contractors  

Effective on Sunday, June 22, 2014
  • 1(1) Scope of Rule. The purpose of this rule is to provide for certification of residential pool/spa servicing specialty contractors as a limited subset of the swimming pool/spa servicing contractor.

    31(2) Definition. A “residential swimming pool/spa servicing specialty contractor” means a contractor whose scope of work involves the repair and servicing of residential swimming pools, hot tubs or spas. The scope of work includes the repair or replacement of existing equipment, any cleaning or equipment sanitizing that requires at least a partial disassembling, filter changes, and the installation of new pool/spa equipment, interior refinishing, the reinstallation or addition of pool heaters, the repair or replacement of all perimeter piping and filter piping, the repair of equipment rooms or housing for pool/spa equipment, and the substantial or complete draining, for the purpose of repair or renovation of residential swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas. The scope of such work does not include direct connections to a sanitary sewer system or to potable water lines.

    164(3) Nothing in this rule shall be deemed to restrict or limit in any manner the scope of work authorized by law of other contractor classifications.

    190Rulemaking Authority 192455.213, 193489.108, 194489.113(6) FS. 196Law Implemented 198489.105(3)(q), 199489.113(6) FS. 201History202‒New 6-22-14.


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