62-602.530. Conduct at Test Site and During Reviews  

Effective on Wednesday, February 6, 2002
  • 1(1) Any individual found by the Department to have engaged in conduct which subverts or attempts to subvert the examination or review process will have his or her scores on the examination withheld and declared invalid.

    37(a) Individuals with an active or inactive license shall be subject to suspension or revocation of the license as stated in subsection 5962-602.870(1), 60F.A.C.

    61(b) Individuals that do not have an active or inactive license shall be disqualified from taking future exams for a period of two years.

    85(2) Conduct that subverts or attempts to subvert the examination process includes:

    97(a) Conduct which violates the security of the examination materials, such as removing from the examination room any of the examination materials; reproducing or reconstructing any portion of the licensing examination; aiding by any means in the reproduction or reconstruction of any portion of or information from the licensing examination; selling, distributing, buying, receiving, or having unauthorized possession of any portion of, or information from, a future or current licensing examination.

    168(b) Conduct which violates the standard of test administration, such as communicating with any other examinee during the administration of the examination; copying answers from another examinee or permitting one’s answers to be copied by another examinee during the administration of the examination; having in one’s possession during the administration of the licensing examination any book, notes, written or printed materials or data of any kind, other than the examination materials distributed or specifically listed as approved materials for the examination room in the information provided to the examinee in advance of the examination date by the Department.

    266(c) Conduct which violates the credentialing process, such as falsifying or misrepresenting information required for admission to the examination, impersonating an examinee or having an impersonator take the licensing examination on one’s own behalf.

    300Specific Authority 302403.869 FS. 304Law Implemented 306403.872 FS. 308History–New 12-30-99, Amended 2-6-02.


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