62-602.870. Suspension and Revocation of Operator License  

Effective on Monday, October 15, 2007
  • 1(1) The Department shall, depending on aggravating and mitigating circumstances, in addition to a fine, suspend a license for a period not to exceed 2 years for any of the following reasons:

    33(a) Submission of false or misleading information in an application for license or for renewal of a license.

    51(b) Cheating on an examination.

    56(c) Incompetence in the performance of duties of an operator 66that 67results in a 70treatment 71plant 72or water distribution system, 76under the direct charge of the operator, being operated in a manner inconsistent with standard operating practice.

    93(2) The Department shall permanently revoke a license for any one of the following reasons:

    108(a) Fraud in the submission of applications or documentation for license or renewal.

    121(b) Determination by the Department that an operator falsified or intentionally misrepresented, or finds persistent inaccuracy or incompleteness of, data or information contained in documents or reports required to be submitted to the Department or an approved local regulatory agency, including the operation, laboratory or maintenance reports or logs required to be maintained, signed, or submitted by an operator.

    180(c) A finding by the Department that negligence in the performance of duties as an operator has resulted in 199harm 200to public health or safety or to the environment.

    209(d) Suspension of license more than twice.

    216(3) Revocation can be permanent or for a shorter time. If less than permanent, a person with a revoked license may seek certification as an operator upon completion of the revocation period and its conditions. Such certification must meet all of the requirements in Rule 26162-602.300, 262F.A.C.

    263(4) Before revoking or suspending a license, the Department shall give written notice to the persons involved, setting forth with specificity the allegations of fact which justify the Department’s proposed actions. Within 21 days of receipt of notification, the person affected may petition for an administrative hearing under Sections 312120.569 313and 314120.57, F.S.

    316(5) Licenses that have been revoked or suspended shall be returned to the Department within 30 days after the effective date of revocation or suspension.

    341(6) In order to resume practicing as an operator, persons with suspended licenses shall not be required to reexamine for licensure after the period of suspension has passed, unless or until the person's license expires of its own accord.

    380Specific Authority 382403.869 FS. 384Law Implemented 386403.1832, 387403.8533, 388403.876 FS. 390History–New 12-30-99, 392Amended 10-15-07394.

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