65C-13.024. Parent Preparation Pre-service Training  

Effective on Tuesday, March 6, 2018
  • 1(1) Parent preparation pre-service training shall meet the requirements of Section 12409.175(14)(b), F.S. 14The training shall include the following:

    20(a) The reasonable and prudent parenting standards, pursuant to Sections 3039.4091 31and 32409.145, F.S., 34and the balance of normalcy for children in care and their safety.

    46(b) The social and emotional development of children and youth.

    56(c) The role of mentors and other helpers.

    64(d) Development of life skills for teens in care.

    73(e) The caregiver’s role in supporting and promoting the educational progress of the child.

    87(f) Trauma-informed care, including recognizing the signs, symptoms, and triggers of trauma.

    99(g) The Multiethnic Placement Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    110(h) The administration of psychotropic medication, including the use of psychotropic medications to treat children, the proper dosage of medication, the importance of monitoring for possible side effects, and timely reporting of side effects and adverse reactions. Training on psychotropic medications shall also include an overview of Section 15839.407, F.S., 160and Rule Chapter 65C-35, F.A.C., which govern the administration of psychotropic medication.

    172(2) Each parent preparation pre-service training class shall be led by a child protection professional certified pursuant to Section 191402.40, F.S., 193who has a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree from an accredited college or university, and who also successfully has met any curriculum-specific requirements to train the Department approved parent preparation pre-service training curriculum. The Department shall review all parent preparation pre-service training curriculum to ensure that it meets the required hours and content requirements specified in Sections 407.175(14)(b)1.-7., F.S. If the required hours and content requirements are met, the Department shall approve the curriculum. Each parent preparation pre-service training class shall follow the recommendations of the curriculum designer regarding the number and type of facilitators involved in the training process. If the child-placing agency is the designer of the curriculum, the number and types of facilitators to be involved in the training process must be clearly defined.

    321(3) The community-based care lead agency is authorized to approve the completion of pre-service training. If individualized training is done, the certified child welfare professional is responsible for complying with the requirements set forth for parent preparation pre-service training in Section 362409.175, F.S., 364and the requirements set forth in this rule chapter.

    373(4) Anyone who wishes to become a licensed out-of-home caregiver shall attend parent preparation pre-service training, as defined in subsections (1) and (2), of this rule, offered by any licensed child-placing agency. Agencies shall work cooperatively with each other and prospective licensed out-of-home caregivers to ensure the ongoing availability of such training.

    425(5) Exemptions to the parent preparation pre-service training for individuals who have successfully completed parent preparation pre-service training equivalent to the parent preparation pre-service training offered by the child-placing agency are based on whether the training was completed within the last five (5) years and on the condition that the individual provides proof of successful completion. If there have been changes or updates in the curriculum, the supervising agency shall require the applicant to take those portions of the course only. Supervising agencies must request any information regarding the curriculum completed for the purposes of making a recommendation to the Department. The Regional Licensing Authority shall review the curriculum content of the previously completed parent preparation pre-service training to determine whether it meets the requirements of Sections 552409.175(14)(b)1.-7., F.S., 554and consider the recommendation of the supervising agency in determining whether the individual is exempt from attending the parent preparation pre-service training.

    576(6) When prospective out-of-home caregivers successfully complete the parent preparation pre-service training but do not continue the licensing process or commence but fail to complete the parent preparation pre-service training, the supervising agency staff shall document the reason the process was discontinued in Florida Safe Families Network (FSFN). Completed parent preparation pre-service training is valid for five (5) years from the date of verified curriculum completion.

    642Rulemaking 643Authority 644409.175(5)(a) FS. 646Law Implemented 648409.175(5)(a) FS. 650History–New 4-6-08, Amended 3-6-14, 3-6-18.


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