65C-13. Foster Care Licensing  

65C-13.001. Definitions (Repealed)
65C-13.002. Private Agency Foster Homes (Repealed)
65C-13.003. Pre-Service and In-Service Training (Repealed)
65C-13.004. Initial Licensing Procedures for Foster Homes, Emergency Shelters and Group Homes (Repealed)
65C-13.005. Changes During the Licensed Year (Repealed)
65C-13.006. Relicensing Procedures (Repealed)
65C-13.007. Respite Care (Repealed)
65C-13.008. Prospective Foster Parent Inquiries (Repealed)
65C-13.009. Parent Preparation and Mutual Selection (Repealed)
65C-13.010. Substitute Care Parents' Role as a Team Member (Repealed)
65C-13.011. Minimum Standards for Licensure of Family Foster Homes, Family Emergency Shelter Homes and Family Group Homes (Repealed)
65C-13.012. Substitute Family Records (Repealed)
65C-13.013. Definitions and Glossary (Repealed)
65C-13.014. Entry into Foster Care (Repealed)
65C-13.015. The Prevention and Management of Sexual Assault in Foster Care (Repealed)
65C-13.016. Health Care (Repealed)
65C-13.017. Services for HIV Infected Children (Repealed)
65C-13.018. Services to Parents of Children in Foster Care (Repealed)
65C-13.019. Administrative Review (Repealed)
65C-13.020. Permanency Staffings (Repealed)
65C-13.021. Post-Placement and Protective Supervision (Repealed)
65C-13.022. Definitions
65C-13.023. Background Screening Requirements
65C-13.024. Parent Preparation Pre-service Training
65C-13.025. Initial Licensing and Unified Home Study
65C-13.026. Continuing Education
65C-13.027. Changes During the Licensed Year
65C-13.028. Re-Licensing
65C-13.029. Licensed Out-of-Home Team Member Roles (Repealed)
65C-13.030. Standards for Licensed Out-of-Home Caregivers
65C-13.031. Terms of a License
65C-13.032. Over-Capacity Assessments and Exceptions
65C-13.033. Babysitting, Overnight Care, Extended Overnight Care, and Other Supervision Arrangements
65C-13.034. Foster Care Referrals and Investigations
65C-13.035. Administrative Actions, Appeals and Closures