Purpose and Intent , Definitions, Fees, Notice of funding Availability (NOFA), Membership Application Procedures, Property Standards, HOP Program Restrictions, Eligible Homebuyer Requirements, Homebuyer Loan Process, HOME Regulations  

  • Homeownership Pool Program (HOP)
    67-57.001: Purpose and Intent
    67-57.005: Definitions
    67-57.010: Fees
    67-57.020: Notice of funding Availability (NOFA)
    67-57.030: Membership Application Procedures
    67-57.040: Property Standards
    67-57.050: HOP Program Restrictions
    67-57.060: Eligible Homebuyer Requirements
    67-57.070: Homebuyer Loan Process
    67-57.080: HOME Regulations

    The Florida Housing Finance Corporation (“Florida Housing”) announces the availability of funds for the Homeownership Pool (HOP) Program.

    It is anticipated that approximately $10,000,000 in funding will be made available to eligible homebuyers under this program. Funding will be awarded in accordance with Rule Chapter 67-57, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.).

    The following set-asides will apply:

    15%        Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs)

    10%        Self-Help Housing

    50%        Non-Participating Jurisdictions (Non-PJs)

    25%        Participating Jurisdictions (PJs)

    Funding will be made available under these set-asides, in the order listed above as applicable, in the form of reservations for eligible homebuyers on a first-come, first-served basis. Any unreserved funds may be reallocated as necessary.

    For more information on the HOP Program, including Rule Chapter 67-57, F.A.C., please access Florida Housing’s website at http://www.floridahousing.org/Home/Developers/HomeownershipPrograms/HOP/default.htm or contact Bridget Warring at (850)488-4197. If you are hearing or speech impaired, please contact Florida Housing using the dual Party Relay System at 1(800)955-8770 or 1(800)955-8771.