12D-7. Exemptions  

12D-7.001. Applications for Exemptions
12D-7.002. Exemption of Household Goods and Personal Effects
12D-7.003. Exemption of Property of Widows, Widowers, Blind Persons, and Persons Totally and Permanently Disabled; Disabled Ex-Service Members, Spouses
12D-7.004. Exemption for Certain Permanently and Totally Disabled Veterans and Surviving Spouses of Certain Veterans
12D-7.005. Exemption for Disabled Veterans Confined to Wheelchairs
12D-7.006. Exemption for Totally and Permanently Disabled Persons
12D-7.007. Homestead Exemptions - Residence Requirement
12D-7.008. Homestead Exemptions - Legal or Equitable Title
12D-7.009. Homestead Exemptions - Life Estates
12D-7.010. Homestead Exemptions - Remainders
12D-7.011. Homestead Exemptions - Trusts
12D-7.012. Homestead Exemptions - Joint Ownership
12D-7.013. Homestead Exemptions - Abandonment
12D-7.014. Homestead Exemptions - Civil Rights
12D-7.015. Educational Exemption
12D-7.016. Governmental Exemptions
12D-7.018. Fraternal and Benevolent Organizations
12D-7.019. Tangible Personal Property Exemption
12D-7.020. Exemption for Real Property Dedicated in Perpetuity for Conservation
12D-7.0055. Exemption for Deployed Servicemembers
12D-7.0135. Homestead Exemptions - Mobile Homes
12D-7.0142. Additional Homestead Exemption
12D-7.0143. Additional Homestead Exemption Up To $50,000 for Persons 65 and Older Whose Household Income Does Not Exceed $20,000 Per Year
12D-7.0155. Enterprise Zone Exemption for Child Care Facilities