40D-9. District Land Use Rules  

40D-9.021. Definitions
40D-9.101. Recreational Land Use Policy (Repealed)
40D-9.110. Scope and Applicability (Repealed)
40D-9.111. Access to and Closures of District Lands
40D-9.120. Commercial Recreational Activities
40D-9.130. Recreational Fishing
40D-9.131. Commercial Fishing
40D-9.140. Hiking
40D-9.150. Equestrian Activities; Use of Saddle Animals
40D-9.160. Bicycling
40D-9.170. Hunting
40D-9.171. Trapping
40D-9.180. Swimming
40D-9.181. Diving
40D-9.190. Dogs, Cats, or Other Animals
40D-9.191. Plant or Animal Removal, Destruction, or Harassment
40D-9.192. Introduction of Plants and Animals to District Lands
40D-9.200. Archaeological or Cultural Resources Removal, Alteration, or Destruction
40D-9.210. Disposal or Discharge of Waste
40D-9.220. Destruction, Removal, or Alteration of District Owned Facilities or Equipment
40D-9.230. Potentially Dangerous Equipment
40D-9.231. Fireworks and Explosives
40D-9.240. Posting or Distributing Bills
40D-9.250. Fires
40D-9.260. Camping
40D-9.270. Use of Motorized Vehicles, Recreational Vehicles, Boats, and Aircraft
40D-9.280. Unauthorized Facilities or Structures
40D-9.290. Other Uses; Use of Alcoholic Beverages on District Lands Prohibited
40D-9.300. Trespass After Notice (Repealed)
40D-9.310. Penalties (Repealed)
40D-9.320. Conflicting Rules
40D-9.330. Special Use Authorization