59A-4. Minimum Standards For Nursing Homes  

59A-4.103. Licensure, Administration and Fiscal Management
59A-4.106. Facility Policies
59A-4.107. Physician Services
59A-4.108. Nursing Services
59A-4.109. Resident Assessment and Care Plan
59A-4.110. Dietary Services
59A-4.112. Pharmacy Services
59A-4.118. Medical Records
59A-4.122. Physical Environment and Physical Maintenance
59A-4.123. Risk Management and Quality Assurance
59A-4.126. Disaster Preparedness
59A-4.128. Evaluation of Nursing Homes and Licensure Status (Repealed)
59A-4.130. Fire Prevention, Fire Protection, and Life Safety, Systems Failure and External Emergency Communications
59A-4.133. Physical Plant Codes and Standards for Nursing Homes
59A-4.134. Plans Submission and Fee Requirements
59A-4.150. Geriatric Outpatient Clinic
59A-4.165. Nursing Home Guide
59A-4.166. Nursing Home Consumer Satisfaction Survey (Repealed)
59A-4.200. Gold Seal
59A-4.201. Gold Seal Award
59A-4.202. Quality of Care
59A-4.203. Financial Requirements
59A-4.204. Turnover Ratio
59A-4.205. The State Long Term Care Ombudsman Council Review (Repealed)
59A-4.206. Termination and Frequency of Review
59A-4.1075. Medical Director
59A-4.1265. Emergency Environmental Control for Nursing Homes
59A-4.1288. Exception (Repealed)
59A-4.1295. Additional Standards for Homes That Admit Children 0 Through 20 Years of Age
59A-4.2015. Review Process