5F-8. Permitting And Inspection Requirements For Amusement Devices And Amusement Attractions  

5F-8.001. Definitions (Transferred)
5F-8.002. Application for Annual Permit, USAID Number (Transferred)
5F-8.003. Qualified Inspectors (Transferred)
5F-8.004. Nondestructive Testing of Amusement Rides (Transferred)
5F-8.005. Request for Inspections, Reinspections (Transferred)
5F-8.009. Inspections by Owner or Manager (Transferred)
5F-8.0011. Standards Adopted (Transferred)
5F-8.0012. Bureau of Fair Rides Inspection Forms (Transferred)
5F-8.012. Fees (Transferred)
5F-8.013. Application of Rules to Amusement Rides Utilizing Bungy Cords (Transferred)
5F-8.014. Training of Managers, Attendants, and Maintenance Persons (Transferred)
5F-8.015. Regulation of Go-Kart Tracks and Similar Vehicles (Transferred)
5F-8.016. Regulation of Water Parks (Transferred)
5F-8.024. Exempt Nonmotorized or Human Powered Amusement Rides (Transferred)
5F-8.025. Regulation of Bungy Operations (Transferred)
5F-8.050. Games (Transferred)
5F-8.0051. Inspection Standards (Transferred)
5F-8.0125. Fencing and Gate Standards (Transferred)
5F-8.0127. Enforcement Actions and Administrative Penalties (Transferred)
5F-8.0128. Resolution of Violations, Settlement, and Additional Enforcement Remedies (Transferred)
5F-8.0142. Reporting of Accidents and Mechanical, Structural or Electrical Defects (Transferred)