64B16-28. General Requirements - Permits  

64B16-28.100. Pharmacy Permits - Applications and Permitting
64B16-28.101. Prescription Area Accessible to Inspection
64B16-28.102. Sink and Running Water, Sufficient Space, Refrigeration, Sanitation, Equipment
64B16-28.108. All Permits - Labels and Labeling of Medicinal Drugs
64B16-28.109. Prescription Department; Padlock; Sign: "Prescription Department Closed."
64B16-28.110. Outdated Pharmaceuticals
64B16-28.113. Permits; Single Entity; Single Location
64B16-28.114. Prescription Refills (Repealed)
64B16-28.118. Unit Dose and Customized Patient Medication Package Returns
64B16-28.120. All Permits - Storage of Legend Drugs; Prepackaging
64B16-28.140. Record Maintenance Systems for All Pharmacy Permits
64B16-28.141. Requirements for an Automated Pharmacy System in a Community Pharmacy
64B16-28.202. Closing of a Pharmacy; Transfer of Prescription Files
64B16-28.203. Transfer of Medicinal Drugs; Change of Ownership; Closing of a Pharmacy
64B16-28.301. Destruction of Controlled Substances - Institutional Class I Pharmacies (Nursing Homes)
64B16-28.303. Destruction of Controlled Substances All Permittees (Excluding Institutional Class I Nursing Homes)
64B16-28.404. Regulation of Daily Operating Hours (Repealed)
64B16-28.450. Centralized Prescription Filling, Delivering and Returning
64B16-28.451. Pharmacy Common Database; Exceptions for Prescription Drug Processing Only Pharmacies
64B16-28.501. Consultant Pharmacist of Record; Initial Designation; Change
64B16-28.502. Class I, Class II and Class III Institutional Permit - Labels and Labeling of Medicinal Drugs for Inpatients of a Nursing Home
64B16-28.503. Transmission of Starter Dose Prescriptions for Patients in Class I or Modified II B Institutional Facilities
64B16-28.602. Institutional Class II Class III Dispensing
64B16-28.603. Class II and Class III Institutional Pharmacy Operating Hours
64B16-28.604. Class II Institutional Pharmacy Department Security
64B16-28.605. Class II Institutional Pharmacies – Automated Distribution and Packaging
64B16-28.606. Remote Medication Order Processing for Class II or Class III Institutional Pharmacies or Special Pharmacy Permits Servicing Class I, Class II, Modified Class II, Class III, and Special ALF Permitted Facilities
64B16-28.607. Automated Pharmacy System – Long-Term Care, Hospice, and Prison
64B16-28.608. Automated Filling Systems within a Pharmacy
64B16-28.702. Modified Class II Institutional Pharmacies
64B16-28.750. Class III Institutional Pharmacies.
64B16-28.800. Special Pharmacies
64B16-28.802. Special Sterile Compounding Permits for Pharmacies and Outsourcing Facilities
64B16-28.810. Special Pharmacy - Limited Community Permit
64B16-28.820. Sterile Products and Special Parenteral/Enteral Compounding
64B16-28.830. Special - Closed System Pharmacy
64B16-28.840. Special - Non Resident (Mail Service) (Repealed)
64B16-28.850. Special Pharmacy - ESRD
64B16-28.860. Special Pharmacy - Parenteral/Enteral Extended Scope Permit
64B16-28.870. Special-ALF
64B16-28.900. Definitions - Nuclear Pharmacy
64B16-28.901. Nuclear Pharmacy - General Requirements
64B16-28.902. Nuclear Pharmacy - Minimum Requirements
64B16-28.905. Nonresident Sterile Compounding Permit Inspections; Approved Inspection Entities (Transferred)
64B16-28.1035. Patient Consultation Area
64B16-28.1081. Regulation of Daily Operating Hours; Commencement of Operations
64B16-28.1191. Unclaimed Prescriptions
64B16-28.2021. Change of Ownership
64B16-28.6021. Institutional Class II and Class III Pharmacy - Emergency Department Dispensing
64B16-28.10801. All Permits - Delivery of Medicinal Drugs.