Definitions, Eligibility, Program Components, Service Provider Responsibilities  


    Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative

    58D-1.002: Definitions
    58D-1.003: Eligibility
    58D-1.004: Program Components
    58D-1.006: Service Provider Responsibilities


    Notice is hereby given that the following changes have been made to the proposed rule in accordance with subparagraph 120.54(3)(d)1., F.S., published in Vol. 34, No. 21, May 23, 2008 issue of the Florida Administrative Weekly.

    58D-1.002 Definitions.

    The following terms are defined in this rule:

    (1) Alzheimer’s Disease Advisory Committee: The committee created pursuant to Section 430.5012(2), (3), F.S., to advise the department in the performance of its duties pursuant to the ADI.

    (2) Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders (ADRD) Research Brain Bank: The entity designated by the department to collect post mortem normal control brains and brains of individuals who were clinically diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s disease for the purpose of conducting comparative research aimed at learning about, finding a cause, and developing a treatment or cure for the disease.

    (3) Client: The person with ADRD Alzheimer’s disease; however, the client’s caregiver will receive benefits through the provision of education, training, respite, and support services, as needed.

    (4) through (5) No change.

    (6) Related Memory Disorders: Other forms of progressive cognitive memory disorders that result in diminished memory, language, other cognitive functions, and the inability to perform activities of daily living.

    (7) Research: Investigations undertaken to determine the cause, resulting behavioral changes, treatment, cure, and impact of ADRD Alzheimer’s disease.

    (8) Training: The provision of educational activities and instruction to assist health care professionals, social service providers, and caregivers in understanding ADRD Alzheimer’s disease and to increase their knowledge and caregiving skills.

    Specific Authority 430.08 FS. Law Implemented 430.501, 430.502 FS. History–New 3-28-95, Amended________.


    58D-1.003 Eligibility.

    (1) To be eligible for model day care services, an individual must be at least 18 of years of age and have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or a related memory disorder.

    (2) No change.

    (3) The caregivers of individuals receiving services under the Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative are eligible to receive training and related support services to assist them in caring for the person with ADRD Alzheimer’s disease.

    Specific Authority 430.08 FS. Law Implemented 430.501, 430.502 FS. History–New 3-28-95, Amended_________.


    58D-1.004 Program Components.

    (1) through (2) No change.

    (3) The Alzheimer’s Disease Advisory Committee may enlist services, assistance, and direction from a broad representation of health care professionals, service providers, individuals affiliated with the Alzheimer’s Association and the provision of Alzheimer’s community care, dementia specific service providers, caregivers, and other interested or knowledgeable parties.

    Specific Authority 430.08 FS. Law Implemented 430.501, 430.502 FS. History–New 3-28-95, Amended ________.


    58D-1.006 Service Provider Responsibilities.

    Each service provider must:

    (1) through (8) No change.

    (9) Collect co-payments for services pursuant to Section 430.503(2), F.S. Co-payments must be determined pursuant to using the fee schedule established in Rule 58C-1.007, F.A.C.

    (10) through (13) No change.

    (14) Establish goals and objectives for the Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative research component and submit reports as specified by the dDepartment on research activities.

    Specific Authority 430.08 FS. Law Implemented 430.502, 430.503 FS. History–New 3-28-95, Amended________.