D20. Departmental

20-1. Citrus Fruit Dealers: Requirements For License Application, Bond, Agent's Registration
20-2. Identification When Transporting Citrus Fruit And Records To Be Kept On Citrus Fruit Received; Bond Disclaimer
20-3. Reports By Citrus Fruit Dealers
20-7. Dues Collection On Behalf Of Certain Not-For-Profit Corporations
20-9. Paymentof Excise Taxes
20-10. Issuance And Use Of Permits
20-11. Points At Which Maturity Inspection May Be Made And Procedure For Regrading Of Fruit
20-12. Procedures For Sampling And Testing Fruit Damaged By Freezing
20-13. Market Classification, Maturity Standards And Processing Or Packing Restrictions For Hybrids
20-14. Methods To Determine Compliance
20-30. Requirements For Operation Of Fresh Citrus Facility
20-31. Coloring Room Methods And Practices
20-32. Artificial Coloring Of Citrus Fruits
20-34. Fresh Fruit Maturity Tests
20-35. Florida Grade And Quality Standards For Fresh Fruit
20-36. Certification For "tree Run" Grade
20-37. Determining Grade Of Fresh Citrus Fruit
20-38. Permits For Export Of Fresh Fruit Within 5% Tolerance Of Maturity Standards
20-39. Containers, Packs, Stamping And Labeling Of Fresh Fruit
20-40. Loading Manifests To Be Furnished To The Inspector - Fresh Citrus Fruit
20-41. Certificates Of Inspection - Fresh Citrus Fruits
20-42. Registration And Use Of Brands Or Trademarks On Fresh Citrus Fruit
20-44. Gift Fruit Shipments, Intrastate Shipments And Instate Retail Sales Of Citrus Fruits
20-48. Targeted Value-Added Promotions Program For Fresh Grapefruit
20-49. Standards For Fresh Squeezed Citrus Juices
20-50. Grapefruit Maturity Standards--Fresh
20-51. Fresh Grapefruit--Minimum Ratios Of Solids To Acid
20-52. Fresh Grapefruit--Minimum Juice Content
20-53. Oranges Maturity Standards--Fresh
20-54. Fresh Oranges--Minimum Ratios Of Solids To Acid
20-55. Tangerine Maturity Standards--Fresh
20-56. Fresh Tangerine--Minimum Ratios Of Solids To Acid
20-60. Registration And Notice Of Operation Of Citrus Processing Plants
20-61. Maturity Tests - Processed Citrus
20-62. Processing Unwholesome Fruit
20-63. Reporting Processing Yields
20-64. Standards For Processed Citrus Products
20-65. Color Grading - Processed Orange Products
20-66. Labeling - Processed Products
20-68. Brix And Specific Gravity Tables
20-69. Processing Imported Citrus Fruits And Products
20-70. Designating Grade On Container, Registration Of Labels For Grade, And Notice Of Labeling - Processed Products
20-71. Manifests For Processed Products
20-72. Certificate Of Grade Inspection - Processed Products
20-81. Value-Added Promotions Program
20-82. Grapefruit Maturity Standards—processed
20-91. Adoption Of Special Campaign Marketing Orders
20-94. Ownership And Use Of "florida Sunshine Tree" Certification Mark
20-96. Ownership And Use Of Florida With Sunburst "o" Certification Mark
20-97. Ownership And Use Of "florida's Seal Of Approval" Certification Mark
20-98. Ownership And Use Of "fresh Florida Sunshine Tree" Certification Mark
20-99. Ownership And Use Of "orange Smiling Face With Bow" Mark
20-100. Agency Organization And Operation
20-104. Promotional And Advertising Services Contracts
20-106. Procedures For Purchasing And Minority Enterprise Procurement
20-107. Intellectual Property Protocol
20-108. Citrus Fruit Dealers: Requirments For Applications, Bond, Processing Applications For Licenses, Agent's Registration
20-109. Ownership And Use Of "florida Citrus Growers" Certification Mark
20-110. Ownership And Use Of "florida Premium Ripe" Certification Mark
20-111. Ownership And Use Of "made With Florida Citrus" Certification Mark
20-112. Ownership And Use Of "fresh From Florida Citrus Growers" Certification Mark
20-113. Ownership And Use Of The "florida Citrus Growers' Promotional Item" Trademark
20-114. Ownership And Use Of "florida Xtra Sweet" Certivication Mark
20-115. Agency Travel Rule
20-116. International Promotions
20-119. Ownership And Use Of "there's Amazing Inside Florida Citrus Gifts" Certification Mark