69A-37. Firefighters Standards And Training  

69A-37.020. Notice of Change of Record
69A-37.034. High School Education Requirement
69A-37.036. Determination of Moral Character
69A-37.037. Firefighter Training Course Medical Examination
69A-37.039. Prescribed Forms for Training and Certification
69A-37.050. Types of Training Certificates Issued (Repealed)
69A-37.054. Out of State Firefighting Certificate of Compliance and Special Certificate of Compliance
69A-37.055. Curriculum Requirements for Training Firefighter Recruits or Firefighters
69A-37.056. Specifications for Certifiable Training
69A-37.057. Roster of Students
69A-37.058. Verification of Prescribed Training Hours
69A-37.059. Types of Instructor Certificates Issued
69A-37.060. Certification as an Approved Firefighter Recruit Training Facility
69A-37.062. Procedures for State Firefighter Certification Examination Day
69A-37.063. Cheating
69A-37.064. Florida State Fire College
69A-37.065. Programs of Study and Vocational Courses
69A-37.082. Purpose
69A-37.083. Scope
69A-37.084. Definitions
69A-37.085. Eligibility Requirements for Supplemental Compensation
69A-37.086. Application for Eligibility Determination
69A-37.087. Cessation of Supplemental Compensation (Repealed)
69A-37.088. Eligibility Requirements for Re-Entry (Repealed)
69A-37.089. Employing Agency Request for Reimbursement
69A-37.090. Lisa of Supplemental Compensation Forms: Incorporation by Reference
69A-37.0335. Qualification of New Employee
69A-37.0336. Application Process Certificate of Compliance
69A-37.0385. Termination of Employee
69A-37.401. Definitions
69A-37.402. Authorizations for Certified Personnel
69A-37.403. Compliance with Other Applicable Laws, Rules
69A-37.404. Requirements for Live Fire Training for Certified Personnel
69A-37.405. Requirements for Live Fire Training During Recruit Training
69A-37.406. Certification Prerequisites for Live Fire Training Instructor Training
69A-37.407. Live Fire Training Instructor Training
69A-37.408. Live Fire Training Instructor Certification and Renewal
69A-37.409. Instructor Certification Revocation
69A-37.501. Definitions
69A-37.502. Firefighter Assistance Grant Program
69A-37.0527. Retention of Certification