64E-5. Control Of Radiation Hazards  

64E-5.101. Definitions
64E-5.102. Exemptions
64E-5.103. Records
64E-5.104. Tests
64E-5.105. Prohibited Uses
64E-5.106. Units of Exposure and Dose
64E-5.201. Licensing of Radioactive Material
64E-5.202. Source Material - Exemptions
64E-5.203. Radioactive Material Other Than Source Material - Exemptions
64E-5.204. Types of Licenses
64E-5.205. General Licenses - Source Material
64E-5.206. General Licenses - Radioactive Material Other Than Source Material
64E-5.207. Filing Application for Specific Licenses
64E-5.208. General Requirements for the Issuance of Specific Licenses
64E-5.209. Special Requirements for Specific Licenses of Broad Scope
64E-5.210. Special Requirements for a Specific License to Manufacture, Assemble, Repair or Distribute Commodities, Products or Devices Which Contain Radioactive Material
64E-5.211. Special Requirements for Issuance of Specific Licenses for Source Material Milling
64E-5.212. Issuance of Specific Licenses
64E-5.213. Specific Terms and Conditions of License
64E-5.214. Expiration and Termination of Licenses and Decommissioning of Sites and Separate Buildings or Outdoor Areas
64E-5.215. Transfer of Material
64E-5.216. Reciprocal Recognition of Licenses for Byproduct, Source, Naturally Occurring and Accelerator Produced Radioactive Material, and Special Nuclear Material in Quantities Not Sufficient to Form a Critical Mass
64E-5.217. Bonding of Persons Licensed Pursuant to Subpart II C
64E-5.218. Performance of Inspections
64E-5.219. Emergency Planning
64E-5.220. Radioactive Quantities
64E-5.221. Radiological Criteria for License Termination
64E-5.222. Radiological Criteria for Unrestricted Use
64E-5.223. Criteria for License Termination Under Restricted Conditions
64E-5.224. Alternate Criteria for License Termination
64E-5.225. Public Notification and Public Participation
64E-5.226. Minimizing Contamination
64E-5.301. Standards for Protection Against Radiation
64E-5.302. Implementation
64E-5.303. Radiation Protection Programs
64E-5.304. Occupational Dose Limits for Adults
64E-5.305. Compliance with Requirements for Summation of External and Internal Doses
64E-5.306. Determination of External Dose from Airborne Radioactive Material
64E-5.307. Determination of Internal Exposure
64E-5.308. Determination of Prior Occupational Dose
64E-5.309. Planned Special Exposures
64E-5.310. Occupation Dose Limits for Minors
64E-5.311. Dose to an Embryo or Fetus
64E-5.312. Dose Limits for Individual Members of the Public
64E-5.313. Compliance with Dose Limits for Individual Members of the Public
64E-5.314. General
64E-5.315. Conditions Requiring Individual Monitoring of External and Internal Occupational Dose
64E-5.316. Control of Access to High Radiation Areas
64E-5.317. Control of Access to Very High Radiation Areas
64E-5.318. Use of Process or Other Engineering Controls
64E-5.319. Use of Individual Respiratory Protection Equipment
64E-5.320. Security of Stored Sources of Radiation
64E-5.321. Control of Sources of Radiation Not in Storage
64E-5.322. Caution Signs
64E-5.323. Posting Requirements
64E-5.324. Exceptions to Posting Requirements
64E-5.325. Labeling Containers and Radiation Machines
64E-5.326. Exemptions to Labeling Requirements
64E-5.327. Procedures for Receiving and Opening Packages
64E-5.328. General Requirements
64E-5.329. Method of Obtaining Approval of Proposed Disposal Procedures
64E-5.330. Discharge by Release into Sanitary Sewerage
64E-5.331. Disposal of Specific Wastes
64E-5.332. Transfer for Disposal and Manifests
64E-5.333. Classification and Characteristics of Low-Level Radioactive Waste for Near-Surface Land Disposal, Labeling and Manifest Requirements
64E-5.334. General Provisions
64E-5.335. Records of Radiation Protection Programs
64E-5.336. Records of Surveys
64E-5.337. Records of Tests for Leakage or Contamination of Sealed Sources
64E-5.338. Records of Planned Special Exposures
64E-5.339. Records of Individual Monitoring Results
64E-5.340. Records of Waste Disposal or Transfers
64E-5.341. Records of Testing Entry Control Devices for Very High Radiation Areas
64E-5.342. Form of Records
64E-5.343. Reports of Stolen, Lost, or Missing Licensed or Registered Sources of Radiation
64E-5.344. Notification of Incidents
64E-5.345. Reports of Exposures, Radiation Levels, Concentrations of Radioactive Material Exceeding the Constraints or Limits, Medical Events and Dose to an Embryo/Fetus or a Nursing Child
64E-5.346. Reports of Planned Special Exposures
64E-5.347. Notifications and Reports to Individuals
64E-5.348. Reports of Leaking or Contaminated Sealed Sources
64E-5.349. Vacating Premises
64E-5.350. Reports of Transactions Involving Nationally Tracked Sources
64E-5.351. Nationally Tracked Source Thresholds
64E-5.423. Definitions
64E-5.424. Requirements for Industrial Radiography Equipment Using Sealed Sources
64E-5.425. Locking of Sources of Radiation, Storage Precautions, and Surveillance
64E-5.426. Radiation Survey Instruments
64E-5.427. Leak Testing, Repairing, Tagging, Opening, Modifying, and Replacing Sealed Sources and Devices
64E-5.428. Quarterly Inventory
64E-5.429. Source Movement Logs, Daily Survey Reports, and Individual Dosimeter Logs
64E-5.430. Inspection and Maintenance
64E-5.431. Permanent Radiographic Installations
64E-5.432. Radiation Protection Program
64E-5.433. Radiation Safety Officer
64E-5.434. Training, Testing, Certification, and Audits
64E-5.435. Conducting Industrial Radiographic Operations
64E-5.436. Operating and Emergency Procedures
64E-5.437. Personnel Monitoring
64E-5.438. Radiation Surveys
64E-5.439. Posting
64E-5.440. Records
64E-5.441. Reporting Requirements
64E-5.501. Definitions
64E-5.502. General Requirements
64E-5.503. General Requirements for All Diagnostic X-Ray Systems
64E-5.504. Fluoroscopic X-Ray Systems
64E-5.505. Diagnostic Radiography Systems, Other than Fluoroscopic, Mammographic, Dental Intraoral or Veterinary Systems
64E-5.506. Intraoral Dental Radiographic Systems
64E-5.507. Therapeutic X-Ray Systems of Less Than 1 MeV
64E-5.508. X-Ray and Electron Therapy Systems with Energies of 1 MeV and Above
64E-5.509. Veterinary Medicine X-Ray Operations
64E-5.510. Mammographic Systems
64E-5.511. Registration of Radiation Machines
64E-5.601. License Required
64E-5.602. License Amendments
64E-5.603. Notification
64E-5.604. ALARA Program
64E-5.605. Radiation Safety Officer
64E-5.606. Radiation Safety Committee
64E-5.607. Authority and Responsibilities
64E-5.608. Supervision
64E-5.609. Visiting Authorized User, Visiting Authorized Medical Physicist, or Visiting RSO
64E-5.610. Mobile Medical Service Requirements
64E-5.611. Quality Management Program and Notifications, Records and Reports of Medical Events
64E-5.612. Suppliers
64E-5.613. Quality Control of Diagnostic Instrumentation
64E-5.614. Possession, Use, Calibration, and Check of Dose Calibrators in the Use of Unsealed Radiopharmaceuticals
64E-5.615. Use, Calibration and Check of Survey Instruments
64E-5.616. Determination of Dosages of Unsealed Radioactive Material for Medical Use
64E-5.617. Authorization for Calibration, Transmission and Reference Sources
64E-5.618. Requirements for Possession of Sealed Sources and Brachytherapy Sources
64E-5.619. Syringe Shields and Labels
64E-5.620. Vial Shields and Labels
64E-5.621. Surveys for Contamination and Ambient Radiation Dose Rate
64E-5.622. Release of Patients or Human Research Subjects Treated with Radiopharmaceuticals, Implants or Remote Afterloader Units
64E-5.623. Storage of Volatiles and Gases
64E-5.624. Decay in Storage
64E-5.625. Safety Instructions and Precautions for Liquid Iodine, Radiopharmaceutical Therapy, Manual Brachytherapy, Remote Afterloader Units, Teletherapy Units, and Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery
64E-5.626. Use of Radiopharmaceuticals for Uptake, Dilution, or Excretion Studies
64E-5.627. Use of Unsealed Radiopharmaceuticals, Generators, and Reagent Kits for Imaging and Localization Studies
64E-5.628. Generators
64E-5.629. Control of Aerosols and Gases
64E-5.630. Use of Radiopharmaceuticals for Therapy
64E-5.631. Use of Sealed Sources for Diagnosis
64E-5.632. Use of Sources for Manual Brachytherapy
64E-5.633. Manual Brachytherapy Sources Inventory and Surveys
64E-5.634. Use of a Sealed Source in a Remote Afterloader Unit, Teletherapy Unit, or Gamma Sterotactic Radiosurgery Unit
64E-5.635. Installation, Adjustment, Maintenance and Repair Restrictions
64E-5.636. Safety Procedures and Instructions for Remote Afterloader Units, Teletherapy Units, and Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Units
64E-5.637. Safety Precautions for Remote Afterloader Units, Teletherapy Units, and Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Units
64E-5.638. Radiation Monitoring Devices
64E-5.639. Viewing Systems
64E-5.640. Dosimetry Equipment Used With Remote Afterloading Units, Teletherapy Units, or Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Units
64E-5.641. Full Calibration Measurements on Teletherapy Units
64E-5.642. Periodic Spot-Checks or Teletherapy Units
64E-5.643. Radiation Surveys for Teletherapy Facilities
64E-5.644. Radiation Surveys for Remote Afterloader and Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Facilities
64E-5.645. Remote Afterloader, Gamma Stereotactic, and Teletherapy Therapy-Related Computer Systems
64E-5.646. Reports of Teletherapy Surveys, Checks, Tests, and Measurements
64E-5.647. Five Year Inspection for Teletherapy and Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Units
64E-5.648. Radiation Safety Officer
64E-5.649. Training for Uptake, Dilution, or Excretion Studies
64E-5.650. Training for Imaging and Localization Studies for Which a Written Directive Is Not Required
64E-5.651. Training for Therapeutic Use of Radiopharmaceuticals (Repealed)
64E-5.652. Training for Use of Manual Brachytherapy Sources
64E-5.653. Training for Ophthalmic Use of Strontium 90
64E-5.654. Training for Use of Sealed Sources for Diagnosis
64E-5.655. Training for Use of Remote Afterloader Units, Teletherapy Units, and Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Units
64E-5.656. Training for and Authorized Medical Physicist
64E-5.657. Training for Experienced RSO, Teletherapy or Medical Physicist, Authorized Medical Physicist, Authorized User, Nuclear Pharmacist, and Authorized Nuclear Pharmacist
64E-5.658. Recentness of Training
64E-5.659. Training for an Authorized Nuclear Pharmacist
64E-5.660. Training for Use of Unsealed Radioactive Material for Which A Written Directive is Required in Rule 63E-5.626, 64E-5.627 or 64E-5.630, F.A.C.
64E-5.661. Training for the Oral Administration of Sodium Iodide I-131 Requiring A Written Directive in Quantities Less Than or Equal to 1.22 Gigabecquerels (33 Millicuries)
64E-5.662. Training for the Oral Administration of Sodium Iodide I-131 Requiring A Written Directive in Quantities Greater Than 1.22 Gigabecquerels (33 Millicuries)
64E-5.663. Training for the Parenteral Administration of Unsealed Radioactive Material Requiring a Written Directive
64E-5.664. Other Medical Uses of Radioactive Material or Radiation From Radioactive Material
64E-5.701. Equipment Requirements
64E-5.702. Area Requirements
64E-5.703. Operating Requirements
64E-5.704. Personnel Requirements
64E-5.801. Registration Requirements
64E-5.802. General Requirements for the Issuance of a Registration Certificate for Particle Accelerators
64E-5.803. Particle Accelerators for Therapeutic Use on Humans
64E-5.804. Limitations
64E-5.805. Shielding and Safety Design Requirements
64E-5.806. Particle Accelerator Controls and Interlock Systems
64E-5.807. Warning Devices
64E-5.808. Operating Procedures
64E-5.809. Radiation Monitoring Requirements
64E-5.810. Ventilation Systems
64E-5.901. Posting of Notices to Workers
64E-5.902. Instructions to Workers
64E-5.903. Notification and Reports to Individuals
64E-5.904. Presence of Representatives of Licensees or Registrants and Workers During Inspection
64E-5.905. Consultation with Workers During Inspections
64E-5.906. Request by Workers for Inspections
64E-5.907. Inspections Not Warranted; Informal Review
64E-5.1001. Standards
64E-5.1002. Monitoring Requirements
64E-5.1003. Monitoring Fees
64E-5.1101. Prohibitions
64E-5.1102. Storage and Transportation Precautions
64E-5.1103. Radiation Survey Instruments
64E-5.1104. Leak Testing of Sealed Sources
64E-5.1105. Quarterly Inventory
64E-5.1106. Utilization Records
64E-5.1107. Design, Performance and Certification Criteria for Sealed Sources Used in Downhole Operations
64E-5.1108. Labeling
64E-5.1109. Inspection and Maintenance
64E-5.1110. Training Requirements
64E-5.1111. Operating and Emergency Procedures
64E-5.1112. Personnel Monitoring
64E-5.1113. Security
64E-5.1114. Handling Tools
64E-5.1115. Subsurface Tracer Studies
64E-5.1116. Radiation Surveys
64E-5.1117. Documents and Records Required at Field Stations
64E-5.1118. Temporary Jobsites
64E-5.1119. Notification of Incidents, Abandonment and Lost Sources
64E-5.1120. Subjects to Be Included in Training Courses for Logging Supervisors
64E-5.1201. Radon Requirements and Enforcement
64E-5.1202. Definitions
64E-5.1203. General Provisions
64E-5.1204. Certification Requirements for Radon Measurement Specialists and Technicians
64E-5.1205. Certification Requirements for Radon Mitigation Specialists and Technicians
64E-5.1206. Certification Requirements for Radon Measurement Businesses
64E-5.1207. Certification Requirements for Radon Mitigation Businesses
64E-5.1208. Measurement Requirements and Procedures
64E-5.1301. Sealed or Unsealed Sources of Radioactive Material
64E-5.1302. Operating and Emergency Procedures
64E-5.1303. Leak Test Requirements for Possession of Sealed Sources
64E-5.1304. Inventory Requirements
64E-5.1305. Training Requirements, Authority, Duties and Responsibilities of the Radiation Safety Officer
64E-5.1306. Opening Sealed Sources
64E-5.1307. Training Requirements for Authorized Users
64E-5.1308. Additional Requirements for General Licenses
64E-5.1309. Training for Current Authorized Users
64E-5.1310. Personnel Monitoring
64E-5.1311. Storage, Security and Transportation Precautions
64E-5.1312. Training and User Requirements
64E-5.1313. Training and User Requirements
64E-5.1314. Possession of Survey Instruments
64E-5.1315. Additional Requirements
64E-5.1316. General Rules for the Safe Use of Unsealed Sources of Radioactive Materials
64E-5.1317. Storage and Control of Volatiles and Gases
64E-5.1318. Instrumentation
64E-5.1319. Contamination Control Program
64E-5.1320. Bioassy Program
64E-5.1401. Irradiators
64E-5.1402. Definitions
64E-5.1403. Specific License for Large Irradiators
64E-5.1404. Start of Construction
64E-5.1405. Performance Criteria for Sealed Sources
64E-5.1406. Access Control
64E-5.1407. Shielding
64E-5.1408. Fire Protection
64E-5.1409. Radiation Monitors
64E-5.1410. Control of Source Movement
64E-5.1411. Irradiator Pools
64E-5.1412. Source Rack Protection
64E-5.1413. Power Failures
64E-5.1414. Design Requirements
64E-5.1415. Construction Control
64E-5.1416. Training
64E-5.1417. Operating and Emergency Procedures
64E-5.1418. Personnel Monitoring
64E-5.1419. Radiation Surveys
64E-5.1420. Detection of Leaking or Contaminated Sources
64E-5.1421. Inspection and Maintenance
64E-5.1422. Pool Water Purity
64E-5.1423. Attendance During Operation
64E-5.1424. Entering and Leaving the Radiation Room
64E-5.1425. Irradiation of Explosive or Highly Flammable Materials
64E-5.1426. Records and Retention Periods
64E-5.1427. Reports and Notifications
64E-5.1501. Purpose and Scope
64E-5.1502. Transportation of Radioactive Material
64E-5.1503. Exemptions
64E-5.1504. General Licenses for Carriers
64E-5.1505. Routine Determinations
64E-5.1506. Advance Notification of Shipment of Certain Quantities of Radioactive Waste
64E-5.1507. Designation of Routes for Shipment of Radioactive Waste Requiring Advance Notification
64E-5.1508. Inspection of Low-Level Radioactive Waste Shipments
64E-5.1509. Permit Requirements
64E-5.1510. Air Transport of Plutonium
64E-5.1511. Notification in the Event of Suspected or Real Breach of Containment
64E-5.1512. Inspections
64E-5.1513. Communications
64E-5.1601. Definitions
64E-5.1602. Administrative Requirements
64E-5.1603. Training and Education
64E-5.1604. General Technical Requirements for Electronic Brachytherapy Facilities
64E-5.6011. Definitions
64E-5.6251. Manual Brachytherapy Therapy Related Computer Systems
64E-5.6331. Calibration Measurements of Manual Brachytherapy Sources
64E-5.6332. Decay of Strontium-90 Sources for Ophthalmic Treatments
64E-5.6411. Full Calibration Measurements on Remote Afterloader Units
64E-5.6412. Full Calibration Measurements on Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Units
64E-5.6421. Periodic Spot-Checks for Remote Afterloader Units
64E-5.6422. Periodic Spot-Checks for Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Units
64E-5.6423. Additional Technical Requirements for Mobile Remote Afterloader Units
64E-5.11071. Uranium Sinker Bars
64E-5.11072. Energy Compensation Source
64E-5.11073. Tritium Neutron Generator Target Source